The Problem


In today’s AML/KYC compliance environment, up to 50% of researchers’ time is spent searching the Internet. This time spent searching Google is both inefficient and disconnected from current research platforms leading to compliance gaps and excess costs.


The Solution

ANSWR links the web search activity of your researchers to any AML/KYC platform to enable a more robust and integrated KYC compliance program. We also deploy Machine Learning technologies to optimize researcher workflow and drive greater efficiency.


Key Features

  • Integrates with any AML/KYC solution via secure APIs

  • One-click capture of web content, search terms and sites visited

  • Add highlights and annotations to captured web content

  • Proprietary data science models for input into risk scoring models

  • Automates workflow to increase researcher efficiency

How It Works

Researchers search the web, snapshot any web page, highlight, and annotate important sections. ANSWR indexes the content and passes the search terms, sites visited, page content, URLs, and annotations, via API, to any AML/KYC platform.

Customers benefit from improved risk scoring models and increased research efficiency as ANSWR’s machine learning technology learns from and automates their workflow.